Organizations could accomplish so much more if they relied on the passion evoked when we connect to others, purpose to purpose. So many of us want to be more. So many of us hunger to discover who we might become together.
— Margaret Wheatley

We're building a community of people willing to share their ideas, inspiration and experience of changing the workplace into something more human and relevant for the 21st Century.

Who's in the community?

Anyone who joins a Teylu or signs up as a member.

How does it function?

We're an organic collection of revolutionaries operating across a range of contexts. The Teylus are independent groups of people that meet around common interests or purposes - either in person or virtually. The default is discretion; circles are under no obligation to share the content of their discussions. However, Teylu members are encouraged to share with the wider community anything they feel would be of communal benefit; whether practical ideas, or themes of discussion. We curate that data and experience through The GuideWhispers at Work and our "Field Manuals" to make it more digestible and accessible.

What do I get for joining?

Community Wisdom: collective brainpower, insight and experience.

The Online Guide to C21st Orgs: we're building the leading online guide to change in this new era.

Field Guides: from Redesigning Performance Appraisals to Reimagining Human Resources.

Whispers at Work:  shared stories of people's experience at work.

Updates: what people are reading and responding to within the community.

Invitations: gatherings to grow in understanding and partnership.

What does it cost?

Nothing: membership is free.

Is there a premium service?

Not yet, but there will be soon. It is likely to include wider online guide access, live chat support, online courses, micro-consulting and deeper community interfaces. Stay tuned!

How do I join and gain access to all this loveliness?

Just fill this in!

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The Guide

The Guide

Teachers open the door, but you enter by yourself.
— Chinese proverb

Thanks to the honesty and experience of our community we're building a unique and extensive guide to reimagining work.

It provides an introduction to why change is required, the mindsets needed to navigate it and practical advice on how to maintain momentum.