Working Group Scenario

A UK family office and conservation charity came together to create a three year rolling working group that enabled families with inherited wealth to discuss the nature of land stewardship.

The unique scenario in this case was to explore it particularly in the context of faith and an inherently spiritual worldview with regular time for reflection and thought.

Issues We Covered

Including, but not limited to:

climate change and its impact on land ownership;

ethics of various farming methods and the supply of goods;

responsibility for communities that live and work on tenanted land;

issues relating to the question of inheritance;

restoring society's relationship with the land;

the personal impact of significant leadership responsibility.

How We All Benefited

The activities of the working group led to a number of exciting stories of practical change and personal growth.

A number of the participants changed their management style as a consequence and are investigating what longer term changes they can make to their operations.

Working groups like this serve as a poignant  - and at times painful - reminder of how rare, sought after and productive a more sincere, deeper evaluation of people's working lives can be. Witnessing a more emotive style of engagement within a professional context is always rewarding.