Client Scenario

A UK family office with a diverse, localised UK business.

Business had a rich heritage of community involvement - had been in their ownership for hundreds of years.

Ownership interests included property, forestry, minerals, farming and leisure.

What We Did

Guided a restructuring of the management team.

Introduced new technology for relationships and workflow.

Promoted organisational purpose.

Re-orientated the company's approach to values, social and environmental issues.

Reconnected heritage with commercial goals.

Encouraged a culture of innovation and creative thinking.

Oversaw a new online marketing strategy.

Installed an atmosphere of positive culture change.

How They Benefited

A more engaged and inspired workforce.

New opportunities arose from a more partnership orientated approach.

Lower reputation risk with a higher, more positive local profile.

More fluid reporting system with quicker decision making.

Greater synergy with other group businesses.

More enjoyment for the family at the helm.

Healthier stakeholder relationships.

A more proactive approach to philanthropy.