Pay What It's Worth

In line with our commitment to innovate and help build the relational, trust based economy of the future, we're trialling a new fee model across most of our services: no fixed prices, no hourly rates, just #paywhatitsworth

Our values include treating everyone as an individual. Every customer has a unique need and we want to give each customer a unique experience. We hope the new pricing model will encourage that exchange.

The inspiration for the change has come from an ebook of the same name written by Tara Joyce (@elasticmind), the brains behind Rise of The Innerpreneur; listed by Forbes as one of the Top 100 websites for Entreprenuers.

Tara's approach to relationships, clarity of service and accountability are right up our street. So, rather than just finishing the book and saying "That was great", we're doing something about it.

Looking forward to seeing how it goes!