International Conference on Culture and Ethics

Audit Futures (ICAEW) recently hosted an international conference on culture and ethics by design; hosted by Chicago Booth School of Business and NYU Stern School of Business.

NYU Stern's Ethical System's Prof. Jon Haidt was the keynote speaker, with John Featherby as a panel member addressing the issue of transitioning from machines to organisms.

A summary of John's key comments included:

  • "How" is the wrong first question as it bypasses what matters.
  • The need to move beyond addressing symptoms to root problems.
  • Recognising the primary language of organisations is that of an engineer and economist.
  • The role of empathy and grief regarding the personal cost of modern organisations.
  • Reclaiming the language of what matters: love, faith, compassion, trust, beauty and generosity.
  • Culture change requires a conversation change: what you are personally willing to invest?
  • S witching from a lens of patriarchy to one of partnership.
  • Using trust and relationship to put a positive view of humanity centre stage.
  • Change isn't required just because it's nice: the pace of change makes it a do or die scenario.

More information on the conference can be found here.

A transcript of John's talk can be found here.

John Featherby