Being able to have a discreet conversation with someone who isn’t working alongside us on a day to day basis yet understands the landscape is of great personal and strategic benefit. It’s also a relief to have someone available that isn’t only interested in selling me a project.
— Chairman, Institutional Investor

What is it?

Insight is like having an advisor, mentor, coach and friend in one.

It’s aimed at Leaders who want personal learning and development mixed with expertise on more human organisations.

Perhaps you want to hear how others with your issues are moving forward, to gain a benchmark, bounce an idea, receive some tips or simply have an empathetic ear.

Why do people want this?

Leaders have moved from asking “why should we change” to “how do we change”.

And often what’s needed is not a project, but personal support from a trusted expert who’s external, discreet and not politically invested.

Perhaps you feel isolated in the pursuit of more human organisations and need some strategies to help. Perhaps you want to explore ideas without an internal or public conversation. Perhaps you need some help to guide your thinking.

Over years of discussions with leading board Chairs, NEDs and global CEO’s, I have witnessed this paradox: a conviction that things must change and yet a personal brain-freeze and gutlessness that perpetuates the status quo. In meeting John Featherby, I found a highly articulate advisor already inhabiting the future of sustainable and flourishing business and the inherent re-imagination of the relationship between employer and employees in a thriving workforce. I recommend him to any leader brave enough to be on the right side of history earlier than most.
— Partner, Board & Executive Search Firm