Being able to have a discreet conversation with someone who isn’t working alongside us on a day to day basis yet understands the landscape is of great personal and strategic benefit. It’s also a relief to have someone available that isn’t only interested in selling me a project.
— Chairman, Institutional Investor

What is it?

Insight is like having an advisor, mentor, coach and friend in one.

It’s aimed at Leaders who want personal learning and development mixed with expertise on more human organisations.

Perhaps you want to hear how others with your issues are moving forward, to gain a benchmark, bounce an idea, receive some tips or simply have an empathetic ear.

Why do people want this?

A “project” often isn’t what’s required or wanted. What’s needed is one off or ongoing personal support from a trusted expert who’s external, discreet and not politically invested in the moment.

Perhaps you feel alone in the pursuit of wanting more human organisations and need some strategies to help. Perhaps you want to explore some ideas without an internal or public conversation. Perhaps you are aware your thinking needs to shift but you don’t know where to start.

How does it work?

We can build in a regular rhythm of meetings.

But we recognise the need for live support so we also use an award winning customer service software to provide live chat functionality.

Just click the blue oval in the bottom right hand corner.

The live chat will accept all initial enquiries, but to benefit from Insight will involve creating a client account.