Realising Shoremount’s purpose means exemplifying the change in our pricing and delivery. Because how you pursue the future must model who you hope to become.

We constantly innovate to provide high impact resources, for the full range of budgets, that enable individuals and companies to find their unique, best way forward.

All our services blend a deep understanding of “better business” and the future of work. And offer access to the full breadth of networks and resources created by the change communities we’re embedded in.

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Online guide to propel you towards a better business and the future of work.

For those wanting access to free, on demand, self guided learning journey.

Includes market leading thinking, ideas and examples you can apply today.

Budget idea: Free



A self managed conversation format and a network of peer-to-peer support.

For those wanting to pursue excellence in the context of authentic relationship.

Explore our library of Topics or co-create a bespoke Topic with us.

Budget idea: Free + £100s/Topic



Meets the need for quick, value adding insight from an external perspective.

For those with resource and experience who need an extra, discreet view.

It typically serves people in a senior role with authority over their own budgets..

Budget idea: £1,000s/quarter

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Meets the need to reposition your organisation’s skill gap or change effort.

For those wanting to apply new thinking across their teams and organisation.

It typically serves mid to large companies who seek external support.

Budget idea: £10,000s+/project