Do you want to create a more meaningful,
high impact workplace?

Our organisations are groaning under the weight of excess standardisation, unrealistic predictability and hyper efficiency. Born from a worldview that sees them as functional machines.

Organisations must be approached less like a machine and more like a garden.

They require structure and wisdom but will only flourish if you seek partnership and harmony over uniformity and control.

Time to start thinking less like a mechanic and more like a gardener.

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from culture change expertise to sustainable finance.



Ongoing support, mentorship and coaching for Senior Leaders transforming their organisations.

Leadership is usually isolated and caught between competing interests. We bring the questions and answers you need to navigate the change you seek.

Gain fresh insight into the potential around you.



Resilient, adaptable workplaces sit on a foundation of identity and purpose: individual and collective.

This is not about deciding on behalf of others what they should be aligned with. It is a evolving discovery of who people are and what they hope to contribute.

Personhood + Purpose = Power.



Learn more about, certify as, or gain access to the B Corp movement and its widely celebrated resources.

As a Founding B Corp we are specialists in this area. And our Founder, John Featherby, is a B Leader for the movement.

Includes free time in the B Impact Assessment.



Build the relationship and accountability required to embed a higher trust, less bureaucratic model.

Our employee integrated approach will transform your culture and governance so teams can step into a sense of belonging, creativity and ownership.

This is the future of work, realised today.



Bespoke or off the shelf knowledge and skills upgrades.

You need new skills everywhere and old skills in new places. But how you learn is as important as the content: in context, in real time, in relationship.

Up skill your people for 21st century business.



Make impact and environmental, social and governance concerns the everyday norm.

Responsible products or programs were last centuries effort at change. This century requires business to be responsible to its core.

Don’t get left behind.



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