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All our services are built on the intuitive and data supported belief in “better” organisations.

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The leadership norm (command-and-control) is a drag on performance and a drain on people. What we need is people willing to embrace adventure over certainty; service over selfishness; community over individualism; humility over egotism and personal responsibility over blaming the other. Mostly, it is about those in power making room by stepping back and serving.

The governance norm (principally about rules and process) breeds bureaucracy, self protectionism and excessive risk aversion. Great governance is about quality relationship and open dialogue, which breeds trust and common purpose.

We improve your experience and outcomes across four contexts: Personal, Classic, New and Redesign.

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The scale, pace and complexity of change we currently face is unprecedented. And the organisational norm, where only a small proportion of people have the authority to think and act, makes you strategically vulnerable if not totally unsustainable.

Organisations must unleash and serve the collective insight and energy of the whole workforce if they are to flourish in a market that rewards responsiveness.

We improve your experience and outcomes by addressing how you approach issues such as structure, information sharing, innovation and motivation.

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The data is clear. Create an amazing place to work and your organisation will see improved performance across practically any measure you choose: revenue, talent attraction, wellbeing, risk management, productivity, engagement…

Culture and values are not simply a “nice to have” or a list of singular words you can place on the wall. Nor is just a case of purchasing a ping pong table.

We improve your experience and outcomes by helping you create the cultural and physical spaces that enable a more human, inspiring, life giving experience. Doing so can have a profound impact on your brand and customer experience.

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People want to work for, buy from and invest in organisations they believe in. And whilst the C20th believed in a focus on shareholder value, the C21st believes in a broader approach to value generation: “better business” not just “better products”.

B Corp is the leading movement in this space, with c$55Bn/pa of global revenue being generated by 2,700 members across all sectors and sizes. Shoremount was a Founding UK Member and a “Changemaker Honoree” in the B Corp “Best For The World” lists. Over 50,000 organisations use our impact measurement resources, from global banks to small charities.

We help you measure and improve your social and environmental impact. Or make you more “B Corp” - or even certify as one! We are also part of the team who oversee the investment strategy of a £200M, multi-award winning social impact fund.

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The status quo approach to development revolves around fixing someone else’s “flaws” and external behaviours. In fact, the work that really matters is internal. And neither is to focus on the other: it is to reconnect with, develop and restore ourselves.

The norm has also missed the truth that you don’t need to tell people what to do as much as show and affirm who they are. To make our workplaces more human and resilient, we have to connect with our humanity, our identity: our whole-self.

We help you connect with your personhood and potential, alongside the practical skills employees will need if they are to step into more responsibility and authority.

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