We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
— Albert Einstein

Just as organisations need reimagining, so does the traditional consultancy model that helped build them.

What’s the better alternative?

One that models the change we seek: community empowered, emotionally connected, responsively agile, willingly whole self and primarily dictated by those on the front line.

Shoremount does this by tying together four contexts.


Small, social groups using a simple meeting format that pursues a common purpose whilst modelling the behaviours, mindsets and skills we need.


Online knowledgebase fuelled by our community that provides answers and inspiration in real time, alongside ideas to turn theory into reality.


Direct support to target a particular issue, up-skill people or accelerate change, with access to our wider networks and resources, such as the BCorp movement.

Whispers at Work

A space to pursue the cathartic and enlightening act of sharing the personal story that matters: yours. The nature of our stories is the ultimate test of change.